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Battlefront Heroes was a uniquely challenging and fun project, my duties included composing the battle music for the game, the stingers as well as orchestrating/arranging the wonderful main theme as composed by Rachel Dey. The always-supportive audio director for the project was MoJen Jenkins.

The instrumentation featured the standard sounds you'd expect to hear in a military themed game, with snares, percussion, brass and woodwind marching triplets figure. To add that little extra bit of weight and epic-ness, I've relied on the lower end of the Symphobia combo, string+brass patch.
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This was the first time I made frequent use of a chord in fourths in such a context. The first two bars of the above theme are harmonized by a G4 chord -- it's not an added 4th chord, as the 3rd of the chord is omitted. The chord in fourths creates a pretty cool, kind of ambiguous but tense mood that really works by not making the music feel either too happy, or too sinister.

The cadence in the final bar is also cool: the D natural is harmonized by Bb major and the following B natural by a dominant G7. These two chords, leading to the G4, create a cool chromatic motion between notes Bb, B-natural and C-natural. With every project there's always a new musical discovery!