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“The developers top things off with epic music clearly inspired by some of the best fantasy movies in Hollywood.” - Chris Buffa, Modojo.com
“Usually you see people wishing they could have their own music as an option. Not here, the soundtrack is one of the best game soundtracks I've ever heard. I find myself even humming it in the shower! “ Player Quote, on Rogue Sky
“The soundtrack is very majestic and just sounds entirely appropriate for your role as a rogue balloon pirate taking to the skies against your enemies. You’ll definitely want to play with some headphones in order to really take in the music.” - Touch Arcade, on Rogue Sky
"It’s also the rare game where I urge you to turn the volume up – even the music makes for a wonderfully addictive experience." Lisa Kaplan, 148apps.com, on Little Things Forever
"Bombastic orchestral music creates a great atmosphere suitable to the dungeon crawling genre." Torbjorn Kamblad, touchgen.net, on ORC: Vengeance
"mesmerized by its colours, shapes and hypnotic music." ign.com, on Little Things Forever
"The soundtrack perfectly exemplifies the theme of impending doom.” - App Advice, on Zombie Escape
"From there, the developers top things off with epic music clearly inspired by some of the best fantasy movies in Hollywood." Modojo.com, on ORC: Vengeance
"From its crips, clean clip-art visuals to the adorable background music that twinkles and shifts depending on the challenge you face, it's a class act all the way." Appspy.com, on Little Things Forever
“...the game also has a fantastic soundtrack that is played all the way through.” - iPad Application Reviews, on Little Things
"The soundtrack has a great epic quality that feels tailor-made for the game." Appsmile.com, on ORC: Vengeance
“The music in iCarly Groovy Foodie is fantastic. I love listening to this game while playing it.” clashentertainment.com
"The soundtrack is high-grade, and matches the dark, gritty atmosphere of an orc laying waste to the undead." Simon Sage, iMore, on ORC: Vengeance
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