Rhythm and Color: Back to the Beginning

Rhythm and Color explores the concept of colors over time -- more subtle, abstract fireworks on a miniature scale. it strives for formal freedom, incorporating symmetrical modes, hindu rhythms and overlapping independent themes. A more abstract re-imagining of Fantasia -- it is designed as a journey through my favorite musical ideas. Throughout the work, a four-note melody serves as the thematic guide, the anchor that binds it together.
The primary aesthetic aspiration of the work is driven by Messiaen's unparalleled illustrations and teachings on the subject of rhythm and color. He often mentioned colors in the works of Max Ernst, Felix Labisse and, especially (my favorite) Robert Delaunay -- the conceptual foundation is rooted in Messiaen's "torrents of color."
Personally, this work represents a going back to my musical beginnings. When I started writing music back in high school, I composed to create something that was my own. Having spent four years working frantically as a freelance composer, and since moving to a more stable, non-musical day-job -- it feels incredible to go back to the beginning, and compose only to create.