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“The soundtrack is very majestic and just sounds entirely appropriate for your role as a rogue balloon pirate taking to the skies against your enemies. You’ll definitely want to play with some headphones in order to really take in the music.” Touch Arcade:
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About the Music

Rogue Sky is an immensely enjoyable game published by Chillingo and developed by Pebble Bug Studios. As you can see from the art-style we have a “badass” hot air balloon throwing some weight around. I’ve written a fun, ‘comically dark’ soundtrack for it. I'm really happy with the unusual instrumentation. You're going to hear high, melodic rock basses, deep trombones, celesta, pizzicato strings, and driving low cellos.

The theme below is heard at the very beginning of the game, in the menu. It introduces the chord progression that the soundtrack is built on. Notice the cool cadence that is achieved by the chromatic movement through chords E minor, C# minor and A minor (g natural, to g# to a). The chord progression from d minor to Bb minor is one of my favorites because it instantly throws 'expectations' out, since the 'tonic' (d) is immediately treated chromatically (to d flat).
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The following theme is the one you hear in the trailer above and is the 'gameplay 2' theme in the soundtrack. It comes back twice in the trailer so definitely follow along with it. Hope you've enjoyed this brief glimpse into the Rogue Sky music and be sure to pick the game up if you get a chance.
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Player Quotes

“Usually you see people wishing they could have their own music as an option. Not here, the soundtrack is one of the best game soundtracks I've ever heard. I find myself even humming it in the shower! “

“Where it really shines is the soundtrack, which sounds like Howard Shore meets the 90s indie band Morphine.”

“The music alone is worth getting the game.”