Mosaic incorporates electronic sounds, hindu rhythms and symmetrical modes into a diverse sequence of sonic colors – Mosaic is music for music's sake, abstract, with a focus on rhythmic, harmonic and formal freedom.

Mosaic stitches together a number of artistic threads I have been developing over the last few years. The three primary concepts are (1) my love for Messiaen's incredible writings on music theory and art, (2) my love for color, abstract art and (3) my experience with creating music digitally.

Once I decided that the piece was going to be digital only, the possibilities for how I was going to express 'a sequence of sonic colors' all of a sudden became unlimited.

Whenever I look, listen or watch a piece of art, the quality that strikes me the most is the piece's ability to create its own world. A piece which can create its own world can move through time and stay whole while the world around it changes.

While Mosaic is born out of simple love for composition and there is no grand intention for the piece to be timeless -- timelessness is a very distinct quality that I think can only be achieved through total creative freedom, and that freedom is something that I absolutely strive for.

The cover art is a photo of a mosaic created by Gaudi, in Barcelona.