Video Games

Outcast Odyseey
Bandai Namco/Magic Pixel Games

Fight the Dragon

3 Sprockets
Steam Early Access

ORC: Vengeance
Big Cave Games/EA-Chillingo
Nominated for Best Handheld Audio 2013
(Game Audio Network Guild)

Adventure Town

Battlefront Heroes
Gosu Group

Skee-Ball Arcade
Big Cave Games/Scopely

7 Grand Steps
IndieCade 2013

Rogue Sky
Pebble Bug Studios/EA-Chillingo

Saturday Night Live: The Game
Discovery Bay Games

Hulk Hogan's Main Event
Majesco/Panic Button
Xbox Kinect

iCarly Groovy Foodie

Nintendo DS

Cubemen 2
3 Sprockets
Coming to Wii U in 2014
Published by Nnooo

Nutty Fluffies (theme/results/trailers)

Draw Race 2

Stick to It!
Magic Pixel Games

Hairy Tales
Forest Moon Games/Arges Systems

3 Sprockets

Shop-n-Spree 3: Shopping Paradise
Big Fish Games/Viqua Games

Little Things Forever

Dark Frontiers
Sea Ape Games

King Randall's Party
Gorilla Tactics

Steam Marines
Worthless Bums

Woman in White
FreezeTag/Big Fish Games

Little Things
KlickTock/Big Fish Games

Shop-n-Spree 2: Family Fortune
Viqua Games/Big Fish Games

Travels with Gulliver
BlueFooted Games/Big Fish Games

Zombie Escape
Viqua Games/EA-Chillingo

Random Star Games

Xenome: Episode 1
Nine Pound Studios

Antique Mysteries Howard's Mansion
Casual Mechanics/Big Fish Games

Hidden Highlights Pictures
Discovery Bay Games

Dungeon Crawlers
Drowning Monkeys
Film (also see: IMDB)

The Fish That Drowned (short)
Palm Springs International Film Festival 2014
dir. George Sikharulidze

Frame of Mind (short)
Austin Film Festival 2013
dir. Brett Cramer

Unlikely Girl (feature)
dir. Wei Ling Chang
Vancouver International Film Festival 2012

The Honey Maple Morgan (short)
dir. Ari Minisian

Charlie (short)
DC Shorts 2013
dir. Brett Cramer
T is for Time (short)
Magnolia's 'ABCs of Death' DVD
dir. Carl Ball

Cold Place, Warm Tale (short)
dir. Vincent Hon

Detour (short)
dir. Gilbert Perez

Orthar and the Gemstone of Belkanite (short)
dir. Brett Cramer
1s & 0s (short)
dir. Barry Rubin
Grandpa Isn't Fine (short)
dir. Brett Cramer
Reporting for Lunch (short)
dir. James Nolan

Concert Music

Electronic Composition

Electronic Composition
June 2015

Rhythm and Color
Electronic Composition
February 2015

Character for Solo Cello
Premiere by Tim Thulson
June 8th, 2014
Atlas Performing Arts Center

Chamber Orchestra
ASCAP Morton Gould Finalist 2014
Premiered by Inscape Chamber Orchestra
May 18th, 2014

Seed for String Orchestra
Recorded by Macedonian Radio Symphonic Orchestra
F.A.M.E.S. Project

Art-songs set to poems by William Carlos Williams
Premiere by Tamara Tucker (soprano) and Francesca Hurst (piano)
June 8th, 2014
Atlas Performing Arts Center

Three Dances for Piano
Solo Piano

Converging Thought Patterns
Electronic, digital release

Web Series Title Music
EA Sports/Fabrikfilm

ITVA Bronze Award 2014

Schultze & Chef
ITVA Gold Award 2014

Settlers VII Debut Trailer


RedBull Rail Kombat

STCC2 Trailer

Gemini Wars Teaser