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Adventure Town is a lovely RPG game recently released by Supersolid.The music tracks are thematically divided by the different areas on the map -- town, swamp, desert, volcano, and forest. Each area has it's own sound while retaining links to the main stylistic and instrumental town tracks.

The town area of the game is full of life and activity -- the music reflects this by soft Lydian fanfares that cycle through woodwinds, cello pizzes, and high marimbas. The fanfares are countered by light melodic phrases and keep the pace of the game upbeat and adventurous.
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Aparte from the volcano track, the area pieces are a little more atmospheric. In the desert track, there's a slightly ambiguous melody that tries to walk that line between mysterious and happy, keeping it melodic, yet uncertain. The instrumentation of sandy shakers and a coloring of the middle-eastern ney flute help with the dry, desert-y feel of the track. Here's the notation of the main, opening melody of the desert track:
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The soundtrack combines modal and more traditionally cinematic harmonic blueprints. Town track 1 is mostly in Lydian while track 3 utilizes a traditional pop chord progression as its base. The volcano track is composed in symmetrical modes, especially the Octatonic while the forest track stays mainly in Mixolydian mode. The variation in the harmonic bases, but the unity in instrumentation hopefully creates a fun musical atmosphere for the players.