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Ubisoft's Settlers VII debut trailer by Fabrikfilm. The music features two main themes that aim enhance the contrast between the 'serious' battle and light-hearted gameplay sections in the trailer. For the scenes where the players are plotting, interacting with each other, a predominantly D ‘lydian’ theme, featuring the #4 (G#), takes over. The theme appears mostly in mid-range violins and shapes itself out of the orchestral texture.
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For the army scenes, a minor mode battle theme takes over. The theme is also based in ‘d’ but it’s developed through common-tone chord progressions. Between the two appearances of the battle themes, this very same melody is used as an accompaniment figure for the bright horn and violin melody. Creating a brief fusion between the 'real-life' and 'gameplay' elements. You’re also welcome to check out the trailer on here.
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