"It’s also the rare game where I urge you to turn the volume up – even the music makes for a wonderfully addictive experience." Lisa Kaplan, 148apps.com
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Little Things Forever is a wildly popular follow up to the wildly popular Little Things. In the trailer above you'll hear one of the primary menu themes expressed in the cellos. The progression is not in any key but relies on the interesting color that the chromaticism between the major chord changes produces. Except for the last two chords, each of the chords are connected by a common tone, which functions as the glue between the unrelated chords. For example The common tone between Ab and E is G#/Ab. Here's the main theme:
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The main gameplay music is largely ambient and shares common instruments with the main theme, especially the light twinkles of the xylophone. The chords from theme are restated here but in a slower, more ambient fashion. Throughout the gameplay tracks this short little motif comes in and out and is stated by different instruments throughout. Here's an example of the gameplay music:
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Another important part of the gameplay are the puzzle sections, the music here moves away from the ambient gameplay and changes in style and mood while sticking to the instrumental theme of the soundtrack. Here's an example of the puzzle music:
Hope you've enjoyed the quick insight into the music and be sure to pick the game up in the appstore!
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